SERVICES - Husnik Meat Company South St Paul

Roasting Hogs
We will sell you the raw hog and you can cook it using your roaster. Please call for current market pricing. (651) 457-7076

Wild Game Processing
Fast turn-around time. Husnik Processes moose elk, bear and caribou.

Venison Processing Information:

Starting at $115, Price depends on weight of Deer. Pricing Sheet click here  VENISON CUTTING SHEET (1)
Price includes cleaning, skinning, cutting, grinding, wrapping and freezing.
Customer may bring in trim in cooler to be processed into steaks, sausage, etc.
Venison can be cut into Roasts, Chops, Ground meat, Jerky,
Ability to choose Husnik’s to make venison into sausages:
Summer Sausage, Regular or Spicy
Breakfast Sausage
Italian Sausage
Ring Bologna
Natural Casing Wieners
Fresh Bratwurst
Polish Sausage
Country Sausage
Beef Snack Sticks


WILD GAME SUPPLIES (Sausage- Making Supplies)
Grandpa’s Josh’s Seasonings include:
Breakfast Sausage, Jerky, Italian Sausage, Summer Sausage, Polish, Country Style, Ring Bologna, Venison Sausage, Maple Sausage, Snack Sticks, Teriyaki Jerky, Cajun Jerky, Regular Jerky, Hot or Sweet Italian

Pork trim-Bulk or Ground- 90/10 Blend, 80/20 Blend, 50/50 Blend
Hi-Temp Cheese-Cheddar, Pepperjack, Mozzarella, Swiss

22/24 Sheep Casing-snack sticks
24/26 Sheep Casing
26/28 Sheep Casing – wieners
29/32 Hog Casing- Bratwurst
32/35 Hog Casing-Polish
35/38 Hog Casing – Chorizo
40/43 Beef Round – Ring Bologna
43/46 Beef Round
4-20” Mahogany Summer Sausage Casing
4-20” Clear Summer Sausage Casing
8-24” Bologna Casing
4-20” Vension Casing